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Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild

The Santa Clara County Library has many useful books available so you can look before you buy. To see the complete list using their web catalog search on the subject key words "bee culture" but beware, many are in the children's section. The following list has been found useful to some who were thinking about getting into beekeeping or recently started in beekeeping.

Varroa - Tools for Varroa Management, A Guide to Effective Sampling & Control from the Honey Bee Health Coalition
The guide lays out an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy for managing Varroa mite infestations; including how to monitor mite levels, chemical and non-chemical methods to control the mites, and methods to determine which treatment is appropriate for a beekeeper to use at different phases in a colony’s life cycle. Click to download.

Beekeeping in California from the University of California
We have two versions of this older book avaialable for download. Many things in beekeeping have not changed in over a 100 years so, even those these books are dated, they are a good overview for one who 'just wants to know' and/or just about thinking of keeping some bees. (Not available in local library.)

Beekeeping for Dummies by Howland Blackiston

Begin To Keep Bees by Franklin H. Carrier
A good book for a beginners in our area as the author lives in the valley so he does not spend a lot of time discussing the hard winters of the eastern states. He also gives a "check list" for each operation you will need to do so you know exactly each step -- easier than digging it out of paragraphs of text. (Older Book)

The Beekeeper's Handbook by Sammataro and Avitabile

Keeping Bees by John Vivian (Older Book)

Note: Older books may not contain up to date information on the control of mites so should be used along recent editions or information available on the web. Don't pass them up because of this as they contain a lot of good information.

General Bee Books

There are lots of other bees in the world besides the honey bee we see in California. Some of these and some of the more important are covered in these books.

The Honey Bee by J. Gould & C. Gould

The Bee Book by D. More

Bees of the World by O'Toole and Raw

The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting by Eva Crane

Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild
August 23, 2015