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Here are some useful links to get you started looking on the web. There appear to be thousands of sites that could be included but only those that will link to many of them and/or have been found to be useful are included. Browsing these will show that there are many views and ways of doing beekeeping. [Note: We do not have any information about these sites or any company they represent besides locating them on the web and finding them useful.]

Plants, Gardens and Bees

Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County
For those that do not want to keep bees but wish to provide a rich environment for them a good garden can be a reasonable approach. If you need help with your garden the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County maintains a hotline for answering gardening questions, gives workshops, holds informational events and has a large Spring Garden Market in April each year where many unusual varieties of tomatoes, peppers and ornamentals are sold. Dates and locations will be found on the website.

Going Native Garden Tour
Many native plants are beneficial to bees but can require taking a different approach to gardening. If you want to see some examples on how native plants might fit in your garden or landscape the Going Native Garden Tour is a free tour of about 40 gardens in the Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. The gardens are primarily planted with native plants so provide a first hand look at examples of "going native".

Build It Yourself
If you are interested in building your own hives, frames or other equipment, then check this site for complete plans.

General Information Sites

Eric C. Mussen, Ph.D.
Dr. Mussen is located at U.C. Davis and has general links check out his "Apiculture Newsletter".

"John Clayton's" Hobbyist Beekeeping Course
Want to know what a beekeeper back east does during the year? Check out his LogBook.

Beekeeping: The Beekeeper's Home Pages
Links and general information.

This is a small supplier but is included here as it has lots of very well done pages with beekeeping information. Be sure to browse the Encyclopedia.
Suppliers, information, plans, news, and links.

This site main interest is not beekeeping but here for their extensive list of links for beekeepers.

P-O's Home Page
This is a the site of a beekeeper in Sweden with many great pictures, details a large bee operation and good information on beekeeping. (Note: It will take some time to cover it all as he has lots of information, also has an entrance into the Honneybee web ring if you have time!)

Mid-Atlantic Apiculture
From Penn State U., check out their "BeeAware" news letter, information they have and, above all, their links for some University connections.

Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics & Physiology Laboratory
Part of the ARS of the USDA, this is close to a must see site on honey bees. It is also a link into the other laboratories of the ARS that are doing bee reasearch. Don't miss the link "Varroa reproductive process" near the bottom of the page for some great pictures of the honey bee from egg to hatching worker (plus mites).

Bee Culture
Home site of Bee Culture Magazine that you might want to look into.

American Bee Journal
Home site of the ABJ that has been published for 139 years.
Links as name implies.

The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids
A general information page with links to many other sources providing all types of information on beekeeping.

Supplier Sites

Glory Bee Foods
To find beekeeping supplies go to their on-line catalog, then section Beekeeping Supplies.

Dadant & Sons
They have branches in California that saves on shipping the branch has the item.

Mann Lake Ltd.
Extensive catalog and other information -- located in Minnesota.

Smaller suppier who has some great information pages.

Information and on-line catalog, located in Greenwich New York
Catalog and information.

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August 6, 2012