Attend A Bee Guild Meeting

The Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild encourages local beekeepers–-and all who are interested in beekeeping–-to attend the free monthly meeting where an invited speaker/lecturer shares the latest bee research, hive management techniques, and other bee-related topics.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at    Willow Glen Bible Church, 1292 Minnesota Ave, San Jose. Follow the Bee Guild signs to the church basement. Due to COVID-19, for the indefinite future, all Guild meetings will be held remotely via Zoom. Click here to join the zoom meeting.

Starting at 5:30 there is an informal discussion group for Beginning Beekeepers followed by Dr. Bee Q & A discussion group. 

The official meeting starts at 6:30 with Guild announcements, and a speaker presentation.

All are welcome!

dates for 2021 Guild Meetings

 Month Date Day Activity
 January  Jan. 4 Monday 
 February Feb 1 Monday
 March  Mar. 1 MondayVote on Budget
 April Apr 5 Monday
 May  May 3 Monday 
 June Jun 7 Monday
 July  Jul 5 Monday


 August Aug 2 Monday
 September Sep 6No MeetingLabor Day Weekend
 October Oct 4 Monday

Vote on Dues 2021

 November Nov 2 Monday

 Nominate Officers. 

 December Dec 6 Monday Elect Officers. 

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